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Metroid Prime Low-ish Percent

Author: Vicas

Game: Metroid Prime

1Episode 1 - Crashes and Space Jumps VicasMetroid Prime626915:39
2Episode 2 - A Brisk Tour of Chozo Ruins VicasMetroid Prime531115:56
3Episode 3 - Hot and Cold (and then some) VicasMetroid Prime495716:10
4Episode 4 - Slipping Out the Back Door VicasMetroid Prime423219:51
5Episode 5 - Murderbeam VicasMetroid Prime448022:05
6Episode 6 - Phazon Mines VicasMetroid Prime438821:33
7Episode 7 - Dig Deeper VicasMetroid Prime439716:06
8Episode 8 - Omega Pirate Romp VicasMetroid Prime455520:55
9Episode 9 - Meta Ridley Rumble VicasMetroid Prime375518:10
10Episode 10 - Metroid Prime Time VicasMetroid Prime368716:49