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Authors: Dectilon, cKnoor, MEAT, et al

Games: SF4, MM3 Returns, Mega Man 1, and others

1EthanSteele - Superpug baldurkConflict: Denied Ops206300:05
2Ghost Riders in the Sky baldurkTeam Fortress 2235900:08
3pl_secret: return of the best map Null SetTeam Fortress 2256802:18
4More Cammy DectilonSF465018:34
5mpeg2 artifacts Null SetPainkiller140700:53
6Left 4 Dead owns baldurkleft4dead204702:24
7Medusa nVidia demo nVidiaMedusa Demo127204:56
8SPORE's best creature ever: meteor man baldurkSPORE167400:30
9Duck Tales 2 Testvideo cKnoorDuck Tales 2114808:14
10Nick is a big baby baldurkleft4dead2118400:18
11A Very Special Dracula X Null SetDracula X202307:57
12Bad Dracula Dream Blistermiscellaneous190501:14
13The roooooom of DEEEEAAAAAATH baldurkleft4dead2332201:31
14Bad Dracula Dream: Draculas revenge BlisterDracula X123901:42
15Egg Huntin' with cKnoor - DraculaX HDDDDDDDDDD cKnoordracula X155905:07
16Prototype interlaced cKnoorPrototype113000:13
17Prototype de-interlaced cKnoorPrototype102000:13
182007 LP THREAD SO KAWAII ^_^ Proteus4994None799911:56
19Metal Slug 3 test MEATMetal Slug 398904:45
20Let's Play Some Game About Classical Music also it's 2007 LordMuneEternal Sonata112311:53
21flower - HD recording test baldurkflower121207:17
22day cycle is an awesome level Psychedelic EyeballCrayon Physics Deluxe204400:50
23Pet vet preview excitement video Dr. BlisterPaws and Claws: Pet Vet257230:27
24aaaaaaaaaaaa Null Setaaaaaaaaaaa132600:50
25Cheesewolf Shirtballs vs. Robot Porno Theater (Deleted Round #1) Psychedelic EyeballWorms Armageddon252813:30
26Cheesewolf Shirtballs vs. Robot Porno Theater (Deleted Round #2) Psychedelic EyeballWorms Armageddon188207:59
27How to Make Subtitles MEATSuper Skeet Fighter 2 Turbo282310:47
28cKnoor yumping cKnoorBorderlands192600:21
29Apocalypse DectilonSilver102510:44
30Silver Outro 1 DectilonSilver84200:57
31Silver Outro 2 DectilonSilver80300:35
32BBB test DectilonBBB95201:50
33EasyCap PS3 test - Bayonetta (no audio) LordMuneHeavy Rain111309:10
34Heavy Rain Demo - Shitty Quality, Voice Commentary LordMuneHeavy Rain98630:12
35Dynamic Bioshock Part 1 BlisterBioshock396519:08
36How to make Animated Gifs MEATTutorial255307:01
37The Most Patriotic Song Ever Proteus4994Beat Hazard269503:17
38Let's Retsupurae Metroid! Khad and BlisterMetroid560905:41
39video.mp4 IdunnoVisions90701:56
40Let's have a peaceful chat about procreation and its various dangers in my office, will you Psychedelic EyeballPainkiller169605:45
41The Ultimate Frag video 4 realz cKnoorTeam Fortress 2100202:23
42MM1 No Deaths DectilonMegaman 1178366:05
43MM1 No Deaths DectilonMegaman 179066:05
44LP Trailer for My next LP Blister and BentleyAssess child Disorder96402:31
45Metalman trick DectilonMega Man 2159001:14
46Tiny Bubbles DectilonMegaman 2131901:28
47Tiny Bubbles DectilonMegaman 271201:28
48Omega DectilonZero 478203:02
49fceux test MEATpunchout75701:12
50.m2ts test meatn/a72700:49
51MM2 no-death run DectilonMegaman 2142742:59
52Stalker Army Base Challenge MEATStaker: SOC138220:42
53Craft DectilonMMZ473303:19
54No-hit Gutsy DectilonMega Man 198602:33
55Flame off! DectilonMega Man 178403:47
56Iced man DectilonMega Man 171703:31
57Shocking and Blocking DectilonMega Man 167804:29
58Hamburger Mets DectilonMegaman 172103:21
59Didn't make the cut DectilonMega Man 170902:43
60Unbegrudged Magnetbeam DectilonMega Man 174806:25
61Negaman DectilonMega Man 173504:40
62Bubbles the Boss DectilonMega Man 180202:11
63Wily DectilonMega Man 177705:20
64GAAAAAAH DectilonCastlevania320500:15
65MM3 Returns Shadow DectilonMM3 Returns185004:22
66MM3 Returns Needle DectilonMM3 Returns158804:32
67MM3 Returns Top DectilonMM3 Returns151204:19
68MM3 Returns Snake DectilonMM3 Returns147704:43
69MM3 Returns Magnet DectilonMM3 Returns145204:07
70MM3 Returns Spark DectilonMM3 Returns138503:54
71MM3 Returns Hard DectilonMM3 Returns137503:52
72MM3 Returns Gemini DectilonMM3 Returns137105:59
73The Spark Doc Dectilon and GuidoAnchoviesMM3 Returns146005:08
74Doctor Needle DectilonMM3 Returns128406:43
75Doc Gemini DectilonMM3 Returns140506:09
76The Shadoc DectilonMM3 Returns131105:14
77Wily 1 Returns DectilonMM3 Returns127203:16
78Wily 2 Returns, with a vengeance DectilonMM3 Returns129202:43
79MM3 No Death Run Dectilon and PhiggleMega Man 3161865:45
80Wily 4 DectilonMM3 Returns119004:56
81Wily Final DectilonMM3 Returns117103:30
82Wily 3 DectilonMM3 Returns117502:43
83Let's Art Final Fight 1 - The Slums cKnoorFinal Fight421708:12
84Retsupurae vs. The Nostalgia Critic slowbeefmiscellaneous367537:49
85Panchea alternate path MEATDeus Ex: Human Revolution87001:17
86keen test meatcomkeen67600:28
87Arise Minus JPEGs -- Let's Start the Bidding at $2 slowbeefLechuza264720:41
88Gradius 3 on hard DectilonGradius 370237:55
89Gradius 2 - No Deaths DectilonGradius 265929:14
90Life Force - No Deaths DectilonLife Force67331:16
91Axelay - No Deaths DectilonAxelay74636:59
92Gradius 5 - Level 1 DectilonGradius 571505:17
93Gradius 5 - Level 2 DectilonGradius 558510:36
94Gradius 5 - Level 3 DectilonGradius 560108:44
95Gradius 5 - Level 4 DectilonGradius 558508:44
96Gradius 5 - Level 5 DectilonGradius 566405:25
97Gradius 5 - Level 6 DectilonGradius 556812:03
98Gradius 5 - Level 7 DectilonGradius 570513:11
99Gradius 5 - Level 8 DectilonGradius 561410:31
100Guile stuff GuiletilonGuile59801:56
101Cody stuff CodectilonCody61101:26
102Makoto MakodectilonMakoto73901:08
103Sakura DectikuraSakura64901:26
104Cammy stuff CammytilonCammy!75400:27
105Ken Dect MastersKen!58901:32
106Elevator Fiesta cKnoorElevator156202:50
107Juri JuritlonJuri!64301:20
108Adon AdectilonAdon?73202:10
109F3AR test 2000 cKnoor and BlisterF.3.A.R62701:48
110F3AR test 2500 cKnoor and BlisterF.3.A.R73701:48
111F3AR test 3000 cKnoor and BlisterF.3.A.R70301:48
112MMD Bosses DectilonMMD78705:21
113Evil Ryu Evil RyutilonEvil Ryu?95003:14
114M.Bison M.DectonM.Bison!68100:52
115DVD EZMaker Gold Test meatPersona 462504:38
116Adon? AdonAdon?54814:09
117Gouken for Phiggle Gouken!Gouken?63617:08
118Gouken! GouktilonGouken?68301:26
119Let's make a Blood Bowl team on fumbbl cKnoorfumbbl blood bowl94606:37
120Intro DectilonHydorah213501:02
121Hydorah: The Jowy Story JowyHydorah103120:09
122Hydorah is a horrible game cKnoorHydorah99125:02
123More gouken DectilonGokuen58618:46
124Giff GiefGiif57817:16
125Juri stuff? DectilonJuri54916:01
126Ryu stuff DectilonSF456221:43
127ryu arcade DectilonSF454214:07
128juri arcade DectilonSF451316:52
129Gouktorial DectilonSF454417:54
130Guiletorial DectilonSF454918:54
131Guile Arcade DectilonSF450116:38
132Hondatorial DectilonSF453319:35
133Honda Arcade DectilonSF454815:00
134Cammy Arcade DectilonSF454916:16
135Premiere Pro - The Basics for LPs cKnoorAdobe Premiere Pro89019:10
136Binjin vs Mr.Swoon Lag-behind-tilonSF456509:18
137Serious Sirrus vs Chip Cheezum DectilonSF478606:47
138Raar vs Diabetus DectilonSF481819:42
139El Fuertutorial El DectilonSF454926:28
140El Fuerte Arcade El DectilonSF448217:45
141Codytorial DectilonSF453029:23
142The Walking Dead - Subtitle Test cKnoorThe Walking Dead83519:17
143Faceguy vs Snarkcookie DectilonSF473307:27
144Diabetus vs Charkie DectilonSF470316:17
145Makoto Arcade DectilonSF454817:40
146Makotutorial DectilonSF453134:05
147Charkie vs Phiggle DectilonSF452812:34
148Rosetorial DectilonSF452025:50
149Rose Arcade DectilonSF450916:57
150Binjin vs Sirrus DectilonSF454110:20
151Raar vs VS DectilonSF452709:23
152Chip vs Mr.Swoon DectilonSF466707:28
153Bison Arcade DectilonSF452215:00
154Raar vs Swoon DectilonSF453311:12
155Concepts DectilonSF448714:27
156Cammy Arcade the revenge DectilonSF450214:24
157Dhalsimtorial DectilonSF451026:45
158Phiggle vs Raar DectilonSF456313:59
159Intro KonamiCastlevania: Dawn of Sorrow55701:03
160'Betus vs Binjin part 1 DectilonSF465303:02
161'Betus vs Binjin part 2 DiabetusSF463019:16
162Phiggle's souls DectilonDark Souls64220:21
163Charkie vs Phiggle DectilonSF449009:23
164Mr.Swoon vs Binjin DectilonSF445408:30
165Cherrydoom vs Jowy DectilonSF451212:16
166Drakkel vs Volcano Style DectilonSF447211:02
167Contra 1! DectilonContra 1192722:54
168Super C! DectilonSuper C157623:22
169Contra Hard Corps - Level 1 DectilonContra Hard Corps143403:44
170Contra Hard Corps - Level 2 B DectilonContra Hard Corps114303:45
171Contra Hard Corps - Level 3 DectilonContra Hard Corps134505:37
17260 FPS Test (1) Admiral H. CurtissYoshi's Island53900:59
17360 FPS Test (2) Admiral H. CurtissYoshi's Island50800:59
174Happy Birthday to me! Dectilon&The man with a hatThe Adventures of Batman and Robin193512:45
175PSN Trailer Hotline Miami ThomHotline Miami55901:04
176Contra Shattered Soldier - Fortress DectilonContra Shattered Soldier56206:59
177A two-sided story Dectilon&The man with a hatThe Adventures of Batman and Robin123122:19
178The 3rd birthday 12. Lets hurt our brain and eyes WethamsterThe Third Birthday62026:27
179The 3rd birthday 43. Lets hit rock bottom WethamsterThe Third Birthday65341:19
180The 3rd birthday Bonus 4. Lets check out costumes and bonus cutscenes WethamsterThe Third Birthday60911:26
181Frog Suit Stream UZwormSuper Mario Bros. 31002306:18
182Tea time! Dectilon&The man with a hatThe Adventures of Batman and Robin111218:35
183Snow in July? Dectilon&The man with a hatThe Adventures of Batman and Robin100215:23
184SHSL Translation: Trial 1 Admiral H. Curtiss, Fedule, FighterKnuckles, HelloWinter, Oren RonenDangan Ronpa257882:56
185Fire Dragon Rampage Admiral H. CurtissTales of Graces f81300:15
186Rocket Knight Adventures - full playthrough Dectilon, Kingeffinfrost & Tie TuesdayRocket Knight Adventures96056:42
187Tales of the Abyss Framerate Test Admiral H. CurtissTales of the Abyss (PS2)38200:51
188R-type Delta - Crazy Machine DectilonR-type Delta94904:53
189R-type Delta - Fantastic Dectilon&E1keR-type Delta62204:33
190R-type Delta - Heavy Attack Dectilon&E1keR-type Delta54304:44
191R-type Delta - Corrosion Dectilon&E1keR-type Delta 51805:11
192R-type Delta - Wickedness Dectilon&E1keR-type Delta42306:01
193R-type Delta - Awakening Dectilon&E1keR-type Delta44004:43
194R-type Delta - Fate Dectilon&E1keR-type Delta45307:14
195SRW 2nd OGs Guardian of Mother Earth Part 1 Ethan SteeleSuper Robot Wars 2nd OGs21339:59
196SRW 2nd OGs Guardian of Mother Earth Part 2 Ethan SteeleSuper Robot Wars 2nd OGs18339:59
197SRW 2nd OGs Guardian of Mother Earth Part 3 Ethan SteeleSuper Robot Wars 2nd OGs16939:58
198SRW 2nd OGs Guardian of Mother Earth Part 4 Ethan SteeleSuper Robot Wars 2nd OGs15822:16