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Super Mario Galaxy 2: SMG2 Part IV: We Have to Dig Deeper by Diabetus

LP playlist

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Playlist:

  1. SMG2 Part I: Storytime
  2. SMG2 Part II: Ride the Yoshi
  3. SMG2 Part III: Bullets and Spinys and Flips (oh my)
  4. SMG2 Part IV: We Have to Dig Deeper
  5. SMG2 Part V: A Park in the Clouds
  6. SMG2 Part VI - How to Slain your Dragon
  7. SMG2 Part VII - Mehrio Solves a Puzzle
  8. SMG2 Part VIII - Yoshi's Blazed, Mario Rolls
  9. SMG2 Part IX - Honey, I can't beelieve Fluzzard signed up for Buzz
  10. SMG2 Part X - A Cosmically Cosmic Beach Vacation
  11. SMG2 Part XI - The Long and Winding Road to Bowser
  12. SMG2 Part XII - The Good Yoshi Blimp
  13. SMG2 Part XIII - Monkeying around with Scarecam Luigi and Mario's Ball (Platform Remix)
  14. SMG2 Part XIV - Pugnacious Prankster Pandemonium
  15. SMG2 Part XV - Slides n' Spooks
  16. SMG2 Part XVI - Yoshi Eats Bullets
  17. SMG2 Part XVII - This game is massive and flippin' sweet
  18. SMG2 Part XVIII - A drill, a bee, and a ghost Luigi walk into a galaxy
  19. SMG2 Part XIX - Springtime for Mario
  20. SMG2 Part XX - Pugnacious Prankster Pandemonium 2
  21. SMG2 Part XXI - Bowser's Space Camp
  22. SMG2 Part XXII - The Perfect Space Storm
  23. SMG2 Part XXIII - Touch boo, get dizzy sometime later
  24. SMG2 Part XXIV - Squizzard and Fluzzard: The Ultimate Team
  25. SMG2 Part XXV - Mario Hot
  26. SMG2 Part XXVI - Pugnacious Prankster Pandemonium 3
  27. SMG2 Part XXVII - Bowser's Boy's Bodacious Bunker Bonanza (BBBBB)
  28. SMG2 Part XXVIII - The Melty Monster Adventure Time Bowl
  29. SMG2 Part XXIX - A Throwback is Afoot
  30. SMG2 Part XXX - Melty Battle Slime Flash
  31. SMG2 Part XXXI - Pugnacious Prankster Pandemonium 4
  32. SMG2 Part XXXII - Bowser's Personal Shell
  33. SMG2 Part XXXIII - World S is Way Cool
  34. SMG2 Part XXXIV - Pugnacious Prankster Pandemonium 5
  35. SMG2 Part XXXV - The Green Initiative
  36. SMG2 Part XXXVI - It's Not Easy Getting Green
  37. SMG2 Part XXXVII - Luigi: Green Party Candidate
  38. SMG2 Part XXXVIII - Green Day
  39. SMG2 Part XXXIX - Mr. Green in World 5 with the Jump
  40. SMG2 Part XL - Cat Luigi loves Greenies
  41. SMG2 Part XLI - Drink Green T in World S
  42. SMG2 Part XLII - Grandmasterful Finale